CH73KIT: Chicago series sliding shower door hardware long box kit.

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The complete set for the Chicago Series double sliding shower door with the long box kit.


This complete set includes:

  • 1 x roller kit (CH8R)
  • 1 x 73" header bar (CHBAR73)
  • 2x 24" towel bars. (TB24SS)
  • 2 x 80" EDK80LT2 Clear L-jamb seals.  
  • 2x 40" EP995WS bottom seals. Or 1 x 80" EP995WS bottom seal.


Dimensions for the glass cut outs can be found here.

Cambridge Complete set long box packing with the seals header and handle CAM 73 CAM73 CAM73PSS CAM73BSS CAM73MB CAM73ORB CHKIT

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